Read It Later 0.3.0

A new release of Read It Later is available on Flathub. The significant changes are the upgrade to GTK 4, some fixed bugs, and new translations.

I have been using Wallabag for a year as my read-it-later application. Whenever I find an interesting web article, I add it to my Wallabag account. Then when I have a few minutes to spare, I open the Wallabag app on my Android phone to read them. I love the workflow and don’t have to doomscroll any social media.

Meanwhile, I have an interest in Linux on mobile phones. I own a Librem 5 and a PineTab, which run mobile Linux with Phosh. In the app store, I found a great app called Read It Later, which allows me to read my articles from my Wallabag account.

A few months after discovering the app, it started complaining about an old runtime version. As a good open-source citizen, I wanted to report this issue. In that process, I found a similar issue: Port to GTK 4. The creator of the app, Bilal Elmoussaoui, is looking for someone to do this work. Then I saw that the app is written in Rust, my favorite programming language! I found a new hobby project 😎

I followed the migration guides for GTK 4 and libadwaita. I implemented some of the best practices found in the gtk-rs book. I fixed some bugs along the way. And (where it all started) I updated to the latest GNOME runtime.

I really like the tech stack for this application. GTK and libadwaita provide great UI widgets. Rust provides high-quality libraries and a lot of compile-time checks. gtk-rs provides bindings from Rust to GTK. Flatpak provides a stable build and runtime environment. The VSCode Flatpak plugin provides the editor integration.

Thanks to Bilal for mentoring me and thanks to the translators for the constant stream of contributions.

Download on Flathub