BUVA Q-Stream afzuiging via Home Assistant

In mijn nieuwbouw woning zit een BUVA Q-Stream afzuiging. Deze wordt met een afstandsbediening kastje bediend. Het kastje hing in de woonkamer, wordt met 240 volt gevoed en stuurt draadloos het signaal naar de afzuiging. De afzuiging zelf bevind zich op zolder en zuigt in de keuken, badkamer en de zolder aan.

EdgeRouter SFP X

These are some instructions to connect my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter SFP X to my internet provider XS4all. This post is primarily documentation for myself, but they may be helpful to you. Wizard Basic Setup Internet port: eth5 Connection type: PPPoE with username xs4all and password xs4all Choose Internet connection is on VLAN with ID 6 Choose Enable DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation with prefix length /48 Uncheck Only use one LAN Setup new admin user Configuration After reboot:

PineTime, OTA and Trust

Recently there have been some discussion a OTA in the PineTime Telegram group. This is my view on the trust model required for PineTime to work. TLDR; I think we need to trust a new firmware to a certain extent before flashing it to PineTime.

Mynewt over the air update

I have done a little experiment with Over The Air updates for PineTime firmware. I used the mynewt project from my last post as a base. In a few hour I had updated my firmware. I started with the blinky project from the last post.