EdgeRouter SFP X

These are some instructions to connect my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter SFP X to my internet provider XS4all. This post is primarily documentation for myself, but they may be helpful to you. Wizard Basic Setup Internet port: eth5 Connection type: PPPoE with username xs4all and password xs4all Choose Internet connection is on VLAN with ID 6 Choose Enable DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation with prefix length /48 Uncheck Only use one LAN Setup new admin user Configuration After reboot:

PineTime, OTA and Trust

Recently there have been some discussion a OTA in the PineTime Telegram group. This is my view on the trust model required for PineTime to work. TLDR; I think we need to trust a new firmware to a certain extent before flashing it to PineTime.

Mynewt over the air update

I have done a little experiment with Over The Air updates for PineTime firmware. I used the mynewt project from my last post as a base. In a few hour I had updated my firmware. I started with the blinky project from the last post.

PineTime Mynewt

So I recently bought a PineTime dev kit. It is a development kit for a smartwatch. It is complete, but not fully assembled. The back is loose, so that you can program your own software. Pine64 is a hardware company, which expects the community to write open-source software for it.